Dog Cancer Care – How to Care For Your Dog

by Alex

dog cancer care

Dogs are treated like humans. They are considered as pets and friends which stay with us at all times. But dogs may also suffer from illness like humans. Cancer is a serious disease that can cause death so it is very important to know the proper dog cancer care.

Dog cancer care includes giving palliative care to our pet while they are suffering and undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy. This type of treatment provides too much suffering to the pet, hence, proper care is essential to ease their pain and treat any adverse signs.

Try to control the pain by giving non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, gabapentin, tramadol, opioids, or even steroids. There are also herbal combinations such as the ES clear that boosts the dogs’ immune system, gives strength, and eradicate pain.

To make your dogs feel more comfortable, provide them with orthopedic beds. This type of bed prevents bedsores. It would also make your dog relaxed because the treatment and the disease will cause it to become lethargic.

Preventing your dog from dehydration is also an important factor. Some drugs and type of cancer can cause nausea and vomiting, so hydration is very vital because it energizes your dog. You can also give some medications that are specified for nausea and vomiting.

Giving your dog quality diet is also significant. Feeding them with warm foods and aromatic can stimulate the dog’s appetite. Also, make sure that you feed them in a stress-free environment or a healthy surrounding. For the fast healing and recovery of your pet, give them Omega 3, proteins, fatty and amino acids.

Finally, devote the remaining days with your dog and keep it as comfortable as possible. Keeping your pet warm on a soft bed will definitely help especially for outdoor dogs. If it’s a domestic pet, as much as possible cuddle with it just to show your love and care.

If for instance your dog is receiving its final shot, try to be there in the examining room or maybe any family member who is familiar with the dog to cradle it in its last moments so it will feel secure when injected. Although vet techs are gentle, yet they’re not the same the way a family member does. Plus, you will get the guarantee that your pet died at rest and peacefully.

Until such time, always make sure to love your pet, provide full attention, and make it comfortable in its last days. Cancer doesn’t have to be a quick death punishment. Dog cancer care at this point is very much important to sustain the quality of your dog’s life for a year or so.

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