Dog Cancer Supplements – 7 Supplements To Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

by Alex

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When your dog has cancer, invasive cancer cells flood their body with unhealthy incomplete cells called oxygen free radicals, or free radicals. Antioxidant supplements attack the random free radicals to stabilize them; making the addition of antioxidant supplements one of the most important tools you can give your dog to fight cancer. Here are the top 7 dog cancer supplements that will promote your dog’s good health:

1. Vitamin E – 400 iu per day, this can be purchased at any drug store in capsules or liquid. I sometimes buy the gel capsules, break them open, and pour over my dog’s food.

2. Selenium – 100 mcg per day, comes in capsules or pills

3. Beta-carotene – or raw carrots, grated, if the dog likes them, I give my dogs baby carrots for their food rewards for doing well. They love the crunch and I love the antioxidant properties.

4. Green tea extract (decaffeinated) 50-100 mg/day, this can be purchased at a health food store and added to the food or water bowl for your pet.

5. Grape seed extract, this can be purchased at any drug store and can be added to your pet’s food

6. Quercetin- can be purchased at the neighborhood drug store, inhibits inflammation

7. Cell membrane stabilizers such as omega-3-fatty acids, gamma-linoleic acid and coenzyme Q-10, all available readily at the neighbourhood pharmacy.

When giving supplements to your pet, it is important to discuss the supplements with your veterinarian, as some supplements have to be stopped when taking chemotherapy. Other dog cancer supplements are doubled during chemotherapy, so supplement therapy is individualized and determined by which chemotherapy drugs are being used at the time.

Antioxidants have healing properties that suppress inflammation within the body. One of the excellent side effects of antioxidant therapy is that your dog’s pain level will be greatly reduced. Antioxidants give relief from arthritis, joint problems, eye problems, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and chronic infections. The addition of these dog cancer supplements to your dog’s diet will also help strengthen the entire immune system, so your dog will be stronger, have more energy, and be more resistant to diseases and disorders.

ES Clear is another supplement that is often added as a dog cancer supplement. ES Clear is a liquid that contains antioxidants, herbs, nutrients that enhances your dog immune system and increases its energy. It has properties that reduce inflammation and swelling to make the throat and skin more comfortable.

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